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I want to thank all of you who read me like a religion, comment regularly and pass me along to your friends. I love all of you, and especially that I can rant, rave and tear out my thinning hair due to no ovaries and you never judge! Stop by anytime you want to escape your everyday life and delve into mine!

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Care Products

Caring for your hair is essential if you want to preserve its beautiful appearance and avoid split ends or other similar problems. Choosing the right hair care products is therefore critical to keeping it shiny, soft and voluminous. Here are a few handy tips so you can make sure that your hair will always look beautiful.

Go for Quality Heating Tools

If you plan to curl or straighten your hair, you need a quality flat or curling iron. It is important to choose heating tools that can heat up very fast, preferably in less than a minute. This will ensure that the heat will be evenly distributed while curling or straightening your hair, which in turn is important for preventing burning to your hair. It is recommended to go for those tools that come along with a ceramic heating element because it can prolong their life substantially allowing you to use them for a longer time compared to metallic heating elements.

Be Careful with Hair Styling Products

Choosing the right styling products is not necessarily a part of your hair care routine, but it still has an important influence over the appearance and health of your hair. While mousse is best for people with thin hair, gel works best for medium and thick hair. Be sure to opt for products priced competitively and never choose those products that contain harsh ingredients. Large online resources, such as NoMoreRack, readily offer coupons and promo codes on various online places so customers can save quite a bit of money when using them. A great online website that offers such promo codes is NoMoreRackYes.

Choose Hair Conditioners Carefully

Your hair care routine should include conditioners which are meant to moisturize and soften your hair while maintaining its beautiful appearance. There are two basic types of hair conditioners: rinse-out conditioners or deep conditioners, each of them having different effects on your hair. While rinse-out conditioners can keep the hair from tangling and breaking, deep conditioners can smooth out the topmost layer of your hair, which often becomes dryer due to blow drying or incorrect brushing. The best hair conditioners can strengthen hair up to 10% by filling in imperfections and weak spots temporarily.

Opt for the Right Shampoo

Even though most shampoos contain ingredients that can successfully cleanse the hair, not all of them will help you get rid of dandruff or dry skin, and only a few will help you moisturize your hair properly. Volumizing or thickening shampoos can easily build up fine hair temporarily, but they might also leave your hair looking dull. On the other hand, glossing shampoos can boost your hair’s natural shine by temporarily coating it with polymers and silicones, which can also lead to thickening it in the end. To make sure that your hair is going to be properly cared for, buy a moisturizing and volumizing shampoo and use them alternately.

Cheaper Than Dirt Promotional Codes Available in 2014

If you like using firearms and ammunition and you are looking for a way to cut your spending, than a Cheap Than Dirt promotional codes may be exactly what you are looking for in such tough financial times.

About Cheaper Than Dirt

As most people who generally use guns, CTD was at some point among the most important firearm retailers for the U.S. I`m saying “was” because in 2012 something happened that not many people understood or believed could be possible. The brand stopped all sales because it wasn`t able anymore to put up with the situation. They resumed sales later on, but it wasn`t able to become what it used to be – number 1 in the firearm field. But some of their promotional deals still rock.

Best CTD Promo Codes Available at the Moment

  • WS83Y5 - You get a discount of $25% from an order you made on firearm or ammunition.
  • 7SKL05 - shipping free of charge to your gun dealer – offer ending on 10/28/14.
  • EMW54Y - Get $10 OFF your all your orders.
  • SG6W7- You save $5 for an order of $100+.
  • EM2SPG- Free Gift Idea!
  • 76KLS2- You get $50 OFF for a Windham Weaponry MPC Semi-Automatic firearm rifle.
  • 48IOS2 - Weatherby PA-08 shotgun for just $295. Offer ending on 01/17/2016.
  • 7OPSA2- You get $20 OFF for eleven piece United States army first aid kit
  • SAD56E- Get $25 OFF for any firearm purchase.
  • SA56RT- Get $10 OFF from any purchase

CTD Promotional Code

No matter what type of gun item will interest you, a Cheaper Than Dirt promo code could offer you a discount not easy to neglect. So what do you wait for? You are at a few clicks away of a great promotional code, so take action now!

Different Discounts for Different Types of Products

Certain discount codes released by Cheaper Than Dirt will sometimes include free shipping as well. For instance the Mossberg 500 shotgun can be bought with a discount of $40 off along with free shipping. That`s a pretty nice discount considering the times we are living in.

Customers who are interested in ammunition will be also happy to know there are discounts there as well, although less “interesting” – around $1 in discounts.

Regardless the firearm product you want to purchase, a promotional deals from CTD will be available for you. You just need the knowledge and patience to find it. And believe me when I say it will be worth it.

Popular CTD Promo Codes Tend to Expire Soon

As you may already know by now, the best things don`t last. The same happens with the best promotional codes from Cheaper Than Dirt. Take for example the “Pair of Costa Caballito Sunaglasses with DB FS Nine” promotional code; this online deal expires on 31/10/2014 although it was released a short while ago. The same thing with the “3 Free Mags & 1 May Pouch” promo code that will allow you a great discount if you purchase a Springfield Armory handgun. This promotional deal also expires on 31/10/2014.

So you should keep in mind from all this is that you if you managed to find a good CTD online code, you should definitely use it as soon as possible as it may be your last chance.

Pecka Products: Lots of Hens Party Ideas in One Store!

I have some wonderful news for all of you. I got some fantastic quality products from the lovely Belinda from Pecka Products.

Pecka Products are the Best

This great website allows items to be returned if there`s any serious reason involved. Pecka Products prides itself for the value and quality of its products. All customers are encouraged to review their products until making the purchase, as well as the terms and conditions of the website. If you have any question, you can also choose the email option at: info@peckaproducts.com.au.

I was very lucky! We have Bridesmaid/Bride Sashes! – a veil which has been worn by Me, My mum, Sam, Oliver and My step dad mark. Some awesome tattoos, some confetti and some hilarious penis straws and of course the ever funny penis ice cube makers and some penis lollypops!

We put on the veil last night, turned on Marry Me the Glee version and danced around the kitchen with Oliver while making French onion soup.

These are actually fantastic quality, everything is such great quality that feels so great, and you feel confident with it and you have so much fun playing with it. The store has so much stuff! Pecka Products is your one stop party shop!

The owner has been a bridesmaid 5 times and has number 6 coming up! She was working full time and didn’t like going to the adult warehouse and was sick of waiting weeks for delivery. She decided to create a website where you can get something classy and fun to make your night awesome.

There are Novelty items, decorations, Party Games, Things to wear and Pecka Treats. They ship all over the world! They aren’t going to break the budget and they are Australian owned.

The lovely Belinda is offering a $50 voucher to the online store. To win a $50 voucher just tell me “Which item from the website is your favourite and why?”

Making an Order

If you want to make an order to buy a Pecka item, you can use a credit card, bank deposit or Paypal. Phone orders are accepted, so that`s a big plus. All products ordered are expected to arrive between 3 and 5 business days, depending on your location. For more info, please visit the site`s Shipping & Delivery section.

You`ll be happy to know that all Australian orders (the site is Australian-based) of more than $50 include free shipping. For the standard shipping there`s a flat rate fee of $6.95 AUD, and for the express shipping there`s a flat rate charge of $12.95 AUD. International shipping includes any shipping orders outside Australia and New Zealand.

Final Conclusion

Don`t take it from me even though you`ve red the above info. Visit the website and make your own decision. But I got to tell you – you won`t be disappointed.

NoMoreRack Coupon Codes – Bringing Joy to Shopaholics!

Well, there is no doubt that with the advancement of online shopping trend, more and more people have started reaping the benefits of discount coupon codes. And, when we talk about promo codes, one of the prominent names that hit our mind is NoMoreRack. If you have a penchant for online shopping then it is quite likely that you already know what we are talking about. NoMoreRack.com is an online platform where one can find thousands of products at highly discounted prices. And, we are here to help you out by offering useful information about NoMoreRack. But before that, let us provide you a peep into the basic details of this online shopping site.

About NoMoreRack.com

With just over 3 years of stint in this online world, the NoMoreRack shopping site has turned out to be a marketing spot for more than 400 manufacturers from different parts of the world. And, online customers love it when they get products at 50% to 80% discounted rates on the retail prices. In short, it has turned out to be a destination for people who wish to purchase branded products, including apparel and accessories at up to 80% discount. It has turned out to be a destination for shopaholics looking to purchase real designer merchandise, cool trendy items and amazing products through electrifying short term every day deals. For this reason, a Nomorerack promo code is in so much demand these days.

Promo Codes for NoMoreRack

So, how exactly these promo codes work? And, what are they basically? Well, just like any other normal shopping site where one can use coupon codes at the time of checkout or making payment, promo codes are also the same, being comprised of numbers and letters. And, you can either copy-paste the code inside the promotional box in the checkout page, or simply type it in.

How to Get the Promo Codes?

Now, the bigger question is – from where and how to get NoMoreRack promo codes? Quite obviously, there is no dearth of websites that offer such codes for free; and, most of the sites are actually dedicated to the distribution of such online discount codes. No doubt, you can find them in plenty of different ways. Most of the websites come up with different promo codes for NoMoreRack on a monthly basis. So, all you need to do is type in “Nomorerack promo code” in the Google search box, along with the current month and year. For example, “No More Rack Promo Codes April 2014“. And, within a fraction of a second your computer’s screen would get flooded with numerous results.

But, the bigger challenge is finding out the promo codes that are valid for the product(s) you wish to purchase, and are not expired. However, there are also some general promo codes for No More Rack that can be used instantly. For instance, “$10 discount on your first purchase“,“Free shipping on your first purchase“,“$2 flat shipping“, and many more. Hunting based promo codes from specific categories, such as “71% discount on Women’s clothing“ or “82% discount on electronic products“, definitely takes more time.

Is NoMoreRack Safe?

Some people feel skeptical about using this website for online shopping. They wonder if NoMoreRack.com is really a legit and safe website! Well, you don’t have to feel worried about it because the way this online shopping company has witnessed growth in the last 3 years, simply proves its authenticity. Untill now, millions of people have purchased thousands of products from NoMoreRack by using this type of promo codes. So, what is holding you back? Just spend few minutes on the World Wide Web, hunt down a few websites, even the brand`s official Facebook fan page, find out which are the valid Nomorerack promo codes and purchase whatever you like. Electronics, Jewelry, Lifestyle, and Clothing related products available at NoMoreRack.com will simply amaze you.

A Look At Buying Top Phones From Nomorerack

It is the dream of most people to be in the possession of good items. These include electronic gadgets such as phones which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, functionality and price. You may be wondering where you can get a quality phone at an affordable price. Fear not as Nomorerack has all the amazing phones you need. This may not be the first place you would consider when looking to buy a phone but it really is a gem of a store.

Why Choose Nomorerack?

Nomorerack is a company that helps you to purchase a wide range of items which include electronics at a discounted rate. It is a one stop shop that has thousands of the best products and brands at huge savings from the recommended retail price. It isn’t just a clothing shop – It is like having a huge department store at your fingertips as you peruse their offerings from the comfort of your own home. The company has got everything that you may need and caters for all tastes for the perfect phone that will get you connected while you save.


There are several top phone manufacturers out there that supply handsets which you can get from Nomorerack. They range from the basic traditional hand-sets to smartphones to the touch-screen tablets. It is likely you will not be looking for a basic handset simply because smart phones offer so much more and have come down considerably in price than they used to be even just a few years ago.

Smartphones are much better than the older push-button type handsets with smaller screens because:

  • These gadgets are both appropriate to use as a hobby but also from the professional point of view;
  • They have the ability to access thousands of apps;
  • They have a high level of eReader capabilities, movies, social media, emails among many more aspects;
  • Depending on which model you choose they have great cameras, office software and other fantastic technologies that help you to get more from just one device.

Nomorerack Promotional Deals

Getting a good phone has been made simpler. Now you can shop online at great superstores such as Nomorerack. Thus, you will only need to make your purchase order and you are good to go with a quality phone that you have always wanted. You will get a price like no other, especially when you use the promotional discount codes released by Nomorerack. It is pretty great to know that you will not need to spend an entire fortune to afford it.

Advantages for Nomorerack`s Customers

This is how Nomorerack can help you to get the cheapest smartphones:

  • They have a wide range of lines from which you can choose, with the best quality brand names;
  • You can visit the company website from the comfort of your home to find out the lowest prices and compare the prices of smartphones quickly and easily;
  • They accept oupon codes which can lower your final bill by as much as 60%, and something even more.