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Headaches Hormones & Hot Flashes


I want to thank all of you who read me like a religion, comment regularly and pass me along to your friends. I love all of you, and especially that I can rant, rave and tear out my thinning hair due to no ovaries and you never judge! Stop by anytime you want to escape your everyday life and delve into mine!

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Care Products

Caring for your hair is essential if you want to preserve its beautiful appearance and avoid split ends or other similar problems. Choosing the right hair care products is therefore critical to keeping it shiny, soft and voluminous. Here are a few handy tips so you can make sure that your hair will always look beautiful.

Go for Quality Heating Tools

If you plan to curl or straighten your hair, you need a quality flat or curling iron. It is important to choose heating tools that can heat up very fast, preferably in less than a minute. This will ensure that the heat will be evenly distributed while curling or straightening your hair, which in turn is important for preventing burning to your hair. It is recommended to go for those tools that come along with a ceramic heating element because it can prolong their life substantially allowing you to use them for a longer time compared to metallic heating elements.

Be Careful with Hair Styling Products

Choosing the right styling products is not necessarily a part of your hair care routine, but it still has an important influence over the appearance and health of your hair. While mousse is best for people with thin hair, gel works best for medium and thick hair. Be sure to opt for products priced competitively and never choose those products that contain harsh ingredients. Large online resources, such as NoMoreRack, readily offer coupons and promo codes on various online places so customers can save quite a bit of money when using them. A great online website that offers such promo codes is NoMoreRackYes.

Choose Hair Conditioners Carefully

Your hair care routine should include conditioners which are meant to moisturize and soften your hair while maintaining its beautiful appearance. There are two basic types of hair conditioners: rinse-out conditioners or deep conditioners, each of them having different effects on your hair. While rinse-out conditioners can keep the hair from tangling and breaking, deep conditioners can smooth out the topmost layer of your hair, which often becomes dryer due to blow drying or incorrect brushing. The best hair conditioners can strengthen hair up to 10% by filling in imperfections and weak spots temporarily.

Opt for the Right Shampoo

Even though most shampoos contain ingredients that can successfully cleanse the hair, not all of them will help you get rid of dandruff or dry skin, and only a few will help you moisturize your hair properly. Volumizing or thickening shampoos can easily build up fine hair temporarily, but they might also leave your hair looking dull. On the other hand, glossing shampoos can boost your hair’s natural shine by temporarily coating it with polymers and silicones, which can also lead to thickening it in the end. To make sure that your hair is going to be properly cared for, buy a moisturizing and volumizing shampoo and use them alternately.

Grab Dominos Special Coupons Online & Get Yummy Pizzas

Have you ever tasted a pizza? If not, then the famous quote of Henry Rollins, “Pizza makes me think that anything is possible”, will definitely make you crazy for it. Pizza is the traditional dish of Naples, Italy. It is available in different flavors. Most pizzerias used diverse spices and flavors to create a delicious pizza, but Dominos still has some special in the way its pizza is made. Dominos is an American restaurant chain that has more than 10,000 franchise and outlets all over the world.

What are Dominos Special Coupons?

Coupon is a kind of chitty that gives the opportunity to the customers to buy the product at a much lower price. This is a marketing tactic of that most companies use to develop their business. All pizza brands in the field are using different sorts of such coupon strategies to increase their sales. For instance “buy one get one,” free trial offer, festival offer, first time customer coupons, etc.

Dominos special coupons are those sorts of chits that are offered to the special Domino’s customers. Besides, it is also issued during different special occasions, like Christmas or Valentine`s Day. The customers can avail these vouchers via internet.

Check Out the Best Dominos Special Coupons in 2014

The coupons of this great pizza brand grab the attention of the regular pizza lovers quite often because they can enjoy these delicious pizzas at a reasonable cost. Check below some of the best special coupons from Dominos:

2 for $5.99 each on Selected Products – Choose any two or more pizzas and pay only the price for one. Limited time deal! Available on!

Pizzas & Parmesan Bread Bites & CinnaStix & Coke $19.99 -2 Medium 1-Topping Pizzas, 16 Piece Bread Bites, 8 Piece CinnaStix & 2L Coke for only $19.99. Available on

Up to 50% OFF Menu Price for Large 3-Topping Pizza – This code is available on only for carry-out orders. The code is valid at more than 4,000 Dominos outlets!

Free Medium 2-Topping Handmade Pan Pizza – The code is available until 10.10.14 and good to use only for carry-out orders. Available on!

32 Piece Parmesan Bread Bites 4.99 – More information on

Large Pizza & Specialty Chicken for $18.99 – Large Pizza with Specialty Chicken and up to 3-Toppings for only 18.99. Available on!

How to Use These Special Coupons?

The customers can get the facility of Dominos specials coupons online by going to the website of Dominos Pizza. On the home page of this organisation, the buyers can see the link of coupons. They just have to click on it. Then the company’s website asks for their address and zip code. It is requisite for the purchasers to bring up the details carefully. Subsequently, the customers can select their desired coupons and enjoy the pizza sitting in their comfort zone.

Pecka Products: Lots of Hens Party Ideas in One Store!

I have some wonderful news for all of you. I got some fantastic quality products from the lovely Belinda from Pecka Products.

Pecka Products are the Best

This great website allows items to be returned if there`s any serious reason involved. Pecka Products prides itself for the value and quality of its products. All customers are encouraged to review their products until making the purchase, as well as the terms and conditions of the website. If you have any question, you can also choose the email option at:

I was very lucky! We have Bridesmaid/Bride Sashes! – a veil which has been worn by Me, My mum, Sam, Oliver and My step dad mark. Some awesome tattoos, some confetti and some hilarious penis straws and of course the ever funny penis ice cube makers and some penis lollypops!

We put on the veil last night, turned on Marry Me the Glee version and danced around the kitchen with Oliver while making French onion soup.

These are actually fantastic quality, everything is such great quality that feels so great, and you feel confident with it and you have so much fun playing with it. The store has so much stuff! Pecka Products is your one stop party shop!

The owner has been a bridesmaid 5 times and has number 6 coming up! She was working full time and didn’t like going to the adult warehouse and was sick of waiting weeks for delivery. She decided to create a website where you can get something classy and fun to make your night awesome.

There are Novelty items, decorations, Party Games, Things to wear and Pecka Treats. They ship all over the world! They aren’t going to break the budget and they are Australian owned.

The lovely Belinda is offering a $50 voucher to the online store. To win a $50 voucher just tell me “Which item from the website is your favourite and why?”

Making an Order

If you want to make an order to buy a Pecka item, you can use a credit card, bank deposit or Paypal. Phone orders are accepted, so that`s a big plus. All products ordered are expected to arrive between 3 and 5 business days, depending on your location. For more info, please visit the site`s Shipping & Delivery section.

You`ll be happy to know that all Australian orders (the site is Australian-based) of more than $50 include free shipping. For the standard shipping there`s a flat rate fee of $6.95 AUD, and for the express shipping there`s a flat rate charge of $12.95 AUD. International shipping includes any shipping orders outside Australia and New Zealand.

Final Conclusion

Don`t take it from me even though you`ve red the above info. Visit the website and make your own decision. But I got to tell you – you won`t be disappointed.